Graphic design for a coffee brand.
Cliente: Piedra Negra Ecuador
Agencia: Alma
Director Creativo: Alejandro Ribadeneira / Juan Alvarado
Ilustración: Alejandro Ribadeneira
Diseño Gráfico: Alejandro Ribadeneira / Juan Alvarado
Directora de Cuentas: Nathalia García
Montajes: Cristina Pozo
The back side of the label is also a tab because there is a special letter (where the name comes from) for the buyer to read.
Piedra Negra
Piedra Negra2
Piedra Negra3
Piedra Negra4
Piedra Negra5

Piedra Negra Ecuadorian Gourmet Coffee Packaging

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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