Packaging Design for joveg® – natural pet care
Young, wild and natural – that is the brand character of joveg® – natural pet care. joveg® stand for „just oil and vegetables“. So this beauty concept for dogs and horses, contains only natural ingredients and is produced and market in germany as well. Beside the corporate design development, including the companies logo and printing appearance, the project focus lays on the packaging. Being environmentally-friendly, trendy and easy to handle while daily use are the main attributes in this case. The soapboxes attract through theirs simplicity, the material value and it´s refinement.
The brand logo is clearly stamped on the frontside, equally positioned to the soap it self. The labels, running around the boxes, are going colourwhise with the soaps ingredients. So it is easy for the consumer to decide which article should be used. Also the big typs of „WOW!“ and „YEHA!“ do their best to separates the dogs-products from the horse-cleanings.
Photographed by: Janne Reichert
Designed by: FABULOUSdesign | Dipl.-Des. Caroline Julia Arens, Germany.

Packaging Design for joveg® – natural pet care

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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