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Looking at the bottle we see a farmer, inspired by Cycladic Art. The farmer with the crossed hands is a notion of the feeling of completion that one has after a hard day of work in the fields. Nature-inspired with colors of the Greek countryside.

Respecting the history, authenticity, and innovative quality of One & Olive’s premium product, we designed a dual logotype, serving both the brand name’s visibility and the brand’s main beneficial factor; the caring and kind-hearted farmer, as he peeks out of the word’s “ONE” negative forms. The color palette, consisting of both bright and earthy tones, is on a mission to embrace this discreet figure, the same way the farmer’s natural environment is embraced by the warm sunlight and delicate olive trees’ fruits. To build a cool and protective packaging, guaranteeing the premium products’ quality and preservation, we designed a series of vibrant bottles and a traditional tin can, without of course omitting the brand’s essential human and natural essence.


One & Olive

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