Designed by Brainbox Design, Intense PopColors from oBoticário is made for young women. The packaging features a palette of vibrant colors and modern design.  The design was inspired by the explosion of colors in the new collection – view all the collection below.
Designed by Brainbox Design, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director: Mark Minini
Design: Jeferson Moraes Silveira, Luciana Cabral, Eduardo Heideke, Bruna Fraga, Simone Pereira Souza
Writing: Elisa Robeiro and Ilane
Text Finalized: John Machado
Treatment: May Gabriela, Fernanda Zanini and Maryane Colombo
Approval: Patricia Della Coletta Scholz, Ricardo Gritsch Fabiana Paschotto and Paula Graciella Mazuco
oBoticário's Intense oBoticário's Intense2 oBoticário's Intense3 oBoticário's Intense4 oBoticário's Intense5

oBoticário's Intense PopColors

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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