is an organic granola business, located in Singapore.
Every unique “Oat to Joy” granola flavor is carefully considered, with each ingredient chosen for quality, taste and freshness, every recipe refined until it is perfect, each small batch made by hand. Simple put, it’s crafted. When this much care goes into something, you know it’s got to be nothing shy of delicious.
We created the packaging design of “Oat to Joy” especially tasty and colorful, so that you won’t hesitate to stop by and try a freshly baked granola! We hope you will like our studio work.
Designed by: Plаtеа Studiо, UK.
Oat to Joy
Oat to Joy2
Oat to Joy3
Oat to Joy4
Oat to Joy5
Oat to Joy6
Oat to Joy7
Oat to Joy8
Oat to Joy9
Oat to Joy10

Oat to Joy

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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