NanoBioTech International is a company that distributes its products through a direct selling network.
Brandy Design worked on naming, logo and basic CI design for the three sub-brands of NBT: Nanobiocare, Nanobiotic, Nanobioclin.
Nanobiocare is a packaging line for nanobiotechnological beauty products containing particles of gold (Au) and silver (Ag) that aid in the skin’s natural regeneration process.
Nanobiotic is a packaging line for nanobiotechnological diet supplements containing particles of gold (Au) and silver (Ag).
Nanobioclin is a packaging line that consits of nanobiotechnological anti-crease ironing spray (containing particles of silver) and all-purpose, antibacterial cleaner (containing particles of copper).
The design challenge was to create a packaging that would stand out as ultra-innovative and credible. Our objective was to design a look for the product, that customers would trust.
Minimalism and modern design of the product, achieved by utilizing a very distinctive typography and thank to materials we used, allow to build a credible and exclusive character of a new brand Nanobiocare available only through direct sale.
Designed by: Brandy Design, Poland.


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