Monster Health Food Co. is a family owned company which has been producing muesli products for over 20 years. We approached Monster because we loved their products but felt that their branding and packaging was not living up to the quality of their product. Our timing couldn’t have been better as they were facing deletion by the retailers and urgently needed to fight for their place on shelf. 

We worked with them to redefine their brand positioning which included changing their company name from Monster Muesli to Monster Health Food Co. to give them more room to grow and better communicate their healthy positioning.

Our reinvention of the Monster brand perfectly captures both the spirit of the owners, and the vitality and fun that the name implies. We then brought their packaging to life through a simple, dynamic, fun look and feel, giving them greatly improved shelf standout.

With no above the line support, Monster has increased ranging by over 50% in the major retailers as a direct result of the rebranding, and they’re not looking back. We continue to work with Monster on new formats and the introduction of the new health star rating system on pack. 
Designed by: Asprey Creative, Australia.
Monster Health Food Co.
Monster Health Food Co.2
Monster Health Food Co.3

Monster Health Food Co.

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