Designed by: Sweety & Co., Brazil.

Mochila is more than a yogurt brand. Mochila is free, spontaneous, original and has a Latin soul. Mochila exists in its own world, which is vibrant, full of energy and where people eat healthy and live happy.
The Challenge
Mochila aims to be different among other yogurt brands, focusing on happiness with a sophisticated design: the packaging must be colourful and vibrant, clean and not busy. Mochila wants to show people that beauty and wonder can be found in the everyday life, and that they can live in a happier and healthier way.
The Solution
We’ve explored the geometric style in a unique and fun way, bringing a linear movement to the packaging. The explosion of colors turns the bottle into something very special and cool, making it pop up on the shelves.
Mochila Mochila1

Mochila ®

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