Every year, MM Identity Lab produces a calendar that correlates with the Chinese Zodiac. Because 2014 is the Year of the Wooden Horse, we decided to create a poker-inspired desk calendar that doubles as a deck of cards. The woodcut-style illustration and wooden holder play off of the Zodiac. 12 of the 52 cards in the deck represent the 12 months in the year and correlate with the four seasons. These calendar cards can be displayed on the wooden holder to guide a person through 2014. Come the next year, the calendar can hang around as a custom-designed deck of playing cards.
Two color offset print on ivory paper gave the illustration added depth and made it pop. The custom-made wooden holders were hand stained to add character and individuality to every piece. Everything was packed in hand-stamped boxes with wispy hay to round out the presentation.
The small details that set a project like this apart from others take a lot of time and extra effort. For example, we hand stained 600 wooden holders to achieve the result we wanted each and every time. It’s not possible to do that with an automated device.
Designed by MM Identity Lab, USA.
MM Identity Lab calendar
MM Identity Lab calendar2
MM Identity Lab calendar3
MM Identity Lab calendar4
MM Identity Lab calendar5

MM Identity Lab calendar

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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