Create a product in which each of us can find our favourite flavour of coffee (espresso, cappuccino, mocha, latte, americano).
We took coffee Arabica and visualized 5 types of coffee connecting them to each other. We decided to separate the ingredients by turning them into colors. Next, we illustrated them in a form of desert. We have solved the visualization issue of diverse types of coffee by transforming the desert landscape into corresponding color pieces. The coffee water was depicted in the form of clear blue sky, chocolate in the form of desert cliffs, milk in the form of light feathery clouds and foam milk in a more dense cloudy form. Camels and small oases betray an even bigger association of the desert. In order to show different types separately, we created a window. By rotating it you can find layers of particular coffee. The concept of desert itself became the inspiration of the name of packaging. Distorted layers and wet technique remind of desert mirage.
Mirages are optical illusions that people experience out of severe need in desert.
Applying this idea, we transformed it into a severe urge for drinking the coffee.
We created flexible, bright and memorable packaging for Arabic coffee. The visual elements in the packaging highlight Arabian culture through the use of calligraphy, rhombuses, the window, and colors. As a result, the packaging becomes a window through which you can find your preferable coffee aroma in the desert. Spin it around, wander through the desert and find your flavor.
Design: Karen Gevorgyan
Illustration: Armenak Grigoryan
Calligraphy: Maria Gevorgyan
Copywriting: Ani Gevorgyan
Photography: Arnos Martirosyan
Mirage Arabica
Mirage Arabica 2
Mirage Arabica 3
Mirage Arabica 4
Mirage Arabica 5
Mirage Arabica 6
Mirage Arabica 7
Mirage Arabica 8
Mirage Arabica 9
Mirage Arabica 10
Mirage Arabica 11
Mirage Arabica 12
Mirage Arabica 13
Mirage Arabica 14

Mirage Arabica Coffee Concept

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