Agency: TODA
Creative Director: Marcos Chavez
Photographer: David Raccuglia
Designers: Stine Nielsen, Jonathan O’Conner, Ann Suvarnapunya
Over the past years, TODA has been developing the MENSDEPT. brand through creating the identity, print campaigns, signage, and web experiences to give shape and voice to the next evolutionary step in men’s grooming. I worked on the design team that launched the MENSDEPT. product line, an exclusive brand of grooming products that targets a high-end male clientele. From the ideation to overseeing production, I was involved in every step of the launch. Additionally, I oversaw the Art Direction and production for the MENSDEPT. brand brochure—a 44-page comprehensive publication for stakeholders involved in the national expansion of the brand. The brochure includes photography by David Raccuglia that features the most recent trends in men’s grooming, product information, and details on marketing packages for salons.
Designed by: Melissa Showalter, USA.


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Featured on Package Inspiration
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