MATU – Peruvian coffee packaging
Packaging and concept design for Peruvian coffee. The coffee beans come in three different types dark roast, medium roast and washed beans. All three types have their own color scheme that represents the type of coffee beans. The overall style was inspired by local culture and modernized to a minimalistic, colorful design.
The Story
There once lived a mysterious mage called Matu. He lived in a secret place up in the mountains. People travelled from far lands to seek his wisdom.  In his power were the four elements. With this power Matu could speak with the gods, grant peoples wishes and tell them their fortune. He would do all of this for a special price. And that price was the highest quality coffee beans. Matu believed that coffee was a magical drink, a gift from the gods.
This trade between Matu and people had to be fair. People say that Matu was a kind and wise man, but he had powers that could sentence the ones that done wrong. If there were frauds that tried to trick him, he would vanish them, never to be seen again.
Centuries have passed and now all there is left is a magical coffee bean called Matu. If you drink this coffee, maybe Matu will grant your wish?
Designed by: Rokas Aleliūnas, Lithuania.

Matu – Peruvian coffee

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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