To develop a name and label design for a collection of New World wines (Chile, South Africa, New Zealand), produced in limited editions.

The new collection includes only the most typical wine varieties for wine-growing regions of the New World (Chile — Cabernet, South Africa — Pinotage, New Zealand — Sauvignon). Wealth and exotic flavors, ease of choice and opportunity to create a bright, bold packaging design inspired the key image — ethnic masks used in ceremonies, rituals and ceremonies throughout the New World. At the same time in different masks are always kept their national, very recognizable features.

The name of wine collection Mask Spirit uses plural meaning of the word «spirit» and sets the brand promise — «Come out of the ordinary, feel empathy worldwide, enjoy the unusual flavors.» Thus, the consumption of wine in this collection seems regularly-daily or ceremonial ritual. The design of the label uses volumetric applique. Each mask is stylization of authentic masks, still used by indigenous people in the regions of New Zealand, Chile and South Africa.

Collection of New World wines «Mask Spirit» turned out bright and unusual, attracts the attention of buyers. Universality of mask image allows to extend collection with new regional wines and present them to their customers. 
Designed by: Brandiziac, Russia.
Mask Spirit
Mask Spirit2
Mask Spirit3

Mask Spirit

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