Watching little marimos float rewards one with a sense of tranquility. Marimoscape lets you create your marimo’s very own home while they provide you company and happiness with minimal care.
Marimo literally translate to “ball of seaweed.” They are a rare species of green algae and their ancestors lived in the Akan Lake in Japan. They relied on the water current to push them around, growing into large green balls. They grow about 5mm per year and can live for up to 200 years! Ever since the discovery of their species, Japanese have brought them to their offices and homes as pets, stress relief, and for good luck.
Marimo care only consists of water changes every week or two. They don’t require food, fertilizer, or direct sunlight. Regular tap water and indoor lighting will keep them happy.  Promotional video.
Designe dy: Luna Agency, USA.

Final Product


Point of purchase display


Promotional poster




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