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Under the sun that shines over the greek terrain grow the olive trees. Olive groves are common sight when transversing the greek countryside, and their product; Olives, sits at the cornerstone of greek cuisine and also has a symbolic value in the greek agricultural produce. In this conceptual environment, producing olives that qualify as “premium” is a hard to get achievement, and only reserved for the best product. Marerra’s olives definitely fit the description of premium.

What A.S. Strategy, Branding & Communication was called to materialize is the logotype and packaging of the Olives themselves, olive paste and a corporate gift that also acts as promotional material for the olive paste.

Picking the most straightforward route to the olives packaging, we decided to use a jar as a means of containing the product, since it is the most widespread means of packaging olives in Greece, along with the brine that conserves them. This choice allowed for great convenience in packaging and distributing the product in the market, as well as a window to the olives themselves, allowing for the viewer to determine the product’s excellent quality. To communicate the premium quality, the label is composed of a black background color, serif and script typography in white and gold, respectively, and a refined product shot, in addition to that we used color coding to differentiate the varieties from each other.

As a corporate gift we designed packaging in a book format that contains olive paste from six different varieties. The olive paste packaging features a refined product shot of the olive paste, in the form of a serving proposal. Along with the olive paste, the book also speaks a few words about the Marerra philosophy and premium olives.


Marerra – Premium Greek Olives

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