​Moon Cook Wine is an extension of the homonymous restaurant. The restaurant was inspired by the owners fascination with the power and allure of the moon. The matte black bottle is clearly reminiscent of nightime and while the pop colors may not seem suggestive of the night sky, they our actually a soft yet vibrant representation of the stunning spectrum of cosmic colors found deep within our universe. This facilitated in giving the design a fun and tranquil aesthetic that was desired over the more eerie and intimidating scientific representation that we are so familiar with.
Designed by: Melissa Agatielli, USA.
M o o n C o o k
M o o n C o o k2
M o o n C o o k3
M o o n C o o k4
M o o n C o o k5

M o o n C o o k (student work)

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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