Equality Burger Bar
Visual Communication – The Arts University of Bournemouth
We were given the task of creating a visual system and series of packaging for a country and it’s national export.
My choice was America, which I found to be a big exporter of controversy and division. The divide of state laws and opinions on same-sex marriage prompt the idea of branding Equality through a Burger Bar.
The project is based on an experience of feeling comfortable and sharing a moment with somebody you love. This is achieved through a friendly aesthetic as well as function within the packaging. The trays encourage the idea of personal choice, whether you would like Fries with a side of more Fries, it is a unique and accepting experience. The tray design also encourages conversation and compliments. The cup is made of two compartments to bring people closer together whilst drinking.  Consideration to the environment was also a big factor in this design, using recyclable materials, no washing up and little use of adhesives where possible.
My visual identity is subtle and sensitive to the subject yet a strong, recognisable piece. The Burger Wraps were screen-printed whilst the Project book was made using perfect binding and scrap cardboard.
Designed by: Matthew Wallace, United Kingdom.
Love Grub
Love Grub2
Love Grub3
Love Grub5
Love Grub6
Love Grub7
Love Grub8
Love Grub9#
Love Grub10
Love Grub12
Love Grub13
Love Grub14
Love Grub15
Love Grub16

Love Grub

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