Designed by: Monique Robins

The positioning of Lindauer sparkling wine has traditionally been built around ‘girls night out’ for its female target demographic. However consumer habits are rapidly changing, meaning that afternoon catch ups between friends at home are becoming a much more frequent social occasion.

Introducing Lindauer, the Vintage Series, a delicate and special collection for those precious moments.
Curious’ brief was to create packaging that reflected this daytime celebration. To achieve our goal a shrink wrap sleeve was identified as a key design component, allowing us to replace the traditional evening look of the dark bottle with a fresh, vibrant and contemporary design.

Large areas of clean white open space juxtaposition with thoughtfully positioned abstract shapes that range from soft pastel colours, through to dark tones and gold foil to add premium cues. Finally subtle, understated typography and minimalist branding have been integrated to create a totally ‘instagrammable’ presentation.



Lindauer Vintage Series

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  • December 5, 2018
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