Branding agency Ural Branding Company decided to “prepare a sleigh during the summer” and implemented an unusual, winter project for a large distillery “Glazovsky.” The agency has developed a limited design version of Lednik vodka called “Arctic Edition”

To see one of the most attractive phenomena on the planet – the northern lights – you need to warmly dress and go closer to the Arctic Circle. Or just pick up a bottle of Lednik “Arctic Edition” and see on the label a bright glow and beautiful overflows, performed by specialists of the Ural Branding Company with the help of holography. The color scheme of the package corresponds to the natural: it is purple, green and blue. The radiance is framed by the “branded” contours of the mountains.

Vodka Lednik “Arctic Edition” in the new “shining” design is available in the largest retails of Russia since of June. The volume of the product is 0.5 liters, the strength is 40 degrees. Laboratory technicians and technologists of the Glazovsky plant have developed a unique recipe for vodka, adding cloudberry berries to the product.

Designed by: Ural Branding Company, Russia.












Lednik “Arctic Edition”

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