“Le cantine del Re sole” it is a winemaking company located in Valle D’Aosta region, its production is limited and extremely specialized.
Using old-time methods, unaltered by time, they are producing two kinds of rare and particular wines: Arnad-Montjovet and Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle.
The Arnad-Montjovet is a red wine, produced using Nebbiolo grape, outcome of the wise blending of regional viticulture.
Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle is a white wine proceeds from most elevated European wineyards, at the foot of the Mont Blanc.
The “Re Sole” viticulture are still intact as at the time when the Louis the 14th winecellar was supplied.
The company has been able to collect this important heritage satisfying the most hard to please and polished taste with a luxurious and impeccable proposal.
Designed by: Laura Falleti, Italy.
Le cantine del Re Sole
Le cantine del Re Sole2
Le cantine del Re Sole
Le cantine del Re Sole5
Le cantine del Re Sole6

Le cantine del Re Sole

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