To extend a brand not known in the category of skin care for men. The brand chosen was Lamborghini well-known for its Italian luxury and high-end performance sport cars. Lamborghini grew rapidly and now attempting to extend their product line like Porsche or Ferrari by cross-branding their image into skin care for men. The project was intended to demonstrate what approach Lamborghini might take if they were to introduce a range of skin care products.
When we think of Lamborghini, we often envision the unique body style and speed of their luxury car. Each part of the automobile is an expression of art in itself. From the tail lights, engine, hood, rims, and dashboard are nothing like any car manufacturer on the market. By studying all aspects of the car, matching the brand message, bottle designs and in-store display was a key component throughout the design process. This Lamborghini skincare line reflects the brand’s modern and precise style.
Designed by Sampson Tsai 
School: Academy of Art University
Instructor: Thomas McNulty
Country: United States
Lamborghini Skin Care
Lamborghini Skin Care 2
Lamborghini Skin Care 3

Lamborghini Skin Care

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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