Agency: Goh Jia Hern


Telling the story of Japanese superstitions on luck (Kōun 幸運) in a modernized vintage look. Mainly focusing on its deep root in the culture and history, as well as its people which have differences in their views and beliefs from one generation to another.

The story is told in three separate books, each for one superstition – Daruma doll, Maneki-Neko, and Koinobori. Detailed visuals and words are paired together to be more easily understandable and visualized. Watercolor styling is used to reminisce traditional Japanese painting, keeping the sense of peacefulness while displaying the vibrate color often used in the past. This exclusive swatch book pack also came with two additional items – a tabletop wind chime and a collectible 2022 calendar. Both items were also made to showcase the fancy paper used.

The project message is to not only have a better understanding of Japanese superstitions but also know the important roles of storytelling as it is what makes each culture unique from one another. Without curiosity and preservation, once forgotten, it is gone forever. Exploring how storytelling can transcend culture and language and it is always “just there”, a part of life and human history itself, it exists at all times, in all places, in all societies. How stories have always been used to call people into action throughout history.


Kōun 幸運 – Limited Edition Swatch Book Pack

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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