Designed by: Just Design,  South Africa.


The objective
Stellenbosch is the second oldest European settlement in South Africa. This charming town is steeped in rich history – from famous pioneers and historical buildings to streets lined with oak trees. Lanzerac wine estate, situated in the picturesque Jonkershoek Valley, forms part of this heritage. The cellar master, Wynand Lategan, has created a range of three wines that celebrates Stellenbosch and satisfies his yearning for unusual wines.Each wine in the Keldermeester Versameling is named after an influential person or place that inspired the winemaker. The series consists of Dok, Prof and Berg Pad – each represents the specific wine’s character.
The idea
Dok is named after Dr Danie Craven, the rugby legend from Stellenbosch who often visited Lanzerac for a glass of wine. Prof is inspired by Professor Abraham Perold who made a valuable contribution to the local wine industry. Berg Pad is named after the road between Coetzenburg and Lanzerac, a popular route for hikers and runners. To pay tribute to the individual or place that served as inspiration, we have created a simple label that emphasises each name in a subtle way. Lanzerac’s history and geographical location, namely Stellenbosch, lend itself to a proudly South African label and more specifically, proudly Afrikaans.
The execution
We opted for blind embossing to capture the spirit of the legends. This creates an almost ghostly feel that ties in with the historical element. Each label’s story is depicted as a shadow under the name. The bottles are sealed with wax and rounded off with a monogram stamp. KV is an abbreviation for Keldermeester Versameling. To create a unified look, we have kept the three labels similar in colour and execution. The wax closures differ in colour to distinguish between the red and white wine.

The result
Subtle, yet striking in appearance and taste, the Keldermeester Versameling strikes a chord with those in the know and those who are curious to find out more.












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