Note: This project was strictly a school assignment and was not used or initiated by Kate Weiser Chocolate
Kate Weiser’s handpainted chocolates offer a unique chocolate experience. Her bon-bons “taste like something you grew up with, but [are] presented in a way you’ve never seen before.”- (Kate).
Since her chocolates are all individual peices of art, I chose a mostly B&W pallette in order to let her chocolates be the focal point. I drew inpiration from abstract expressionist artists, such as Franz Kline, to create a variety of gestures and textures that would emulate the variety of textures and flavors in Kate’s chocolates. The inside trays of the chocolate boxes are asymmetricaly placed to remind the purchaser of the way an artwork would hang on a wall. The packaging has other asymmetrical elements that give the brand a modern look and feel. Modern labels on the chocolate bars convey a sense of luxury and artisanship.
Designed by: Anna Price, USA.
Kate Weiser
Kate Weiser2
Kate Weiser3
Kate Weiser4
Kate Weiser5
Kate Weiser6
Kate Weiser7
Kate Weiser8
Kate Weiser9
Kate Weiser10
Kate Weiser11
Kate Weiser12
Kate Weiser13
Kate Weiser14
Kate Weiser15

Kate Weiser Chocolate Re-Packaging

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