Design by: høly
Illustration: Stefanos Pletsis

Kakau Worship is an Athens-based chocolate brand, sparked by its founder’s lifetime experience in Central and South America in 2014. His 3-year stay in the exotic cities of Guatemala and Peru, weaned him on some of the most ancient and pure chocolate-making processes, bringing us today before a series of organic chocolate products; bars, nibs, couverture and delicious chocolate crafts and flavors.

The objective was to create an imposing packaging series that could graphic-wise support the scalability and diversity Kakau Worship’s growth strategy dictated. Multiple recipes, multiple cocoa intensity percentages and multiple cocoa collections were the factors that commanded the creation of a visual system that could encode all those features and make them clear at a glance, while also appointing special ingredients.

Inspired by the use of chocolate as money in ancient cultures, we went for a packaging design that invokes banknote design principles, yet calls on a more crafty and organic look and feel. Also, the acknowledgment of the mythical dimensions that cocoa took in ancient times, cultures and religions, brought us before the creation of illustrations infused with a surreal and legendary impression, traveling us to unspeakable landscapes and timeless moments.

Kakau Worship

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