This project was a brand redesign for the popular Mexican soda line Jarritos. Currently, Jarritos sodas are sold in a select number of supermarkets throughout the country. Their merchandise is placed in the ethnic foods aisle free of any packaging. Each individual bottle is placed on the shelves, leaving the consumer to choose their favorite flavors. The strategy was to expose the brand to a broader market and position them among other major brands in the soda aisle. It was also important to make buying the product easier by providing a build-your-own three pack carrying handle and pre-packaged six pack. Changing the aesthetic was also crucial in order to make the brand stand out in the soda aisle among larger brands. The decision to preserve a piece of the original logo was very important. The updated logo includes one Jarritos jar on the bottle label and emphasizes the fruity flavors and colors with a variety of hand drawn fruits throughout the packaging.

Designed by: Megan Puentes, USA.










Jarritos Redesign

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