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BREMOR company launches new line of drinking water. Among its advantages is location of artesian well in ecologically clean area near Belovezhskaya Pushcha.
The task:
To develop a label design. The idea of the naturalness of the product should be clear.
The name “Istoki” refers to water springs originating in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. The design concept was based on natural motifs. The bison branding and the emotional legend on the label reinforce associations with the unique island of the relict forest.
The key visual elements chosen are stylized wood and light waves, symbolizing the sacred purity of the product. The color inversion of the logo and the background attract attention and serve as an effective tool of intraspecific detachment.
Valeria Korzhuk, Category Manager of Marketing Department “Ice Cream, Semi-finished Products and Salads” of BREMOR Company:
«We express our gratitude to the whole AVC team for their help in realization of the project on launching a new line of natural drinking water “Istoki”. We would like to note the high professionalism of the agency, creativity, flexibility and detailed approach to work! We hope for further cooperation and productive work in new projects!»


Istoki. Development of a new water brand

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