The concept – “Looking through the magnifier glass inside a bee hive”
Innovating characteristics:
The jar is shaped like a bee hive and made of natural materials like wood – to strongly suggest the character and value of the product.
Resembling with a treasure map, the label is telling the story inside the bee hive.
The creative execution is a playful selection of handcrafted bee illustrations and brings the customer one step closer to the natural hive, tasty organic product and its benefits.
More than just a label design, the concept wants to reinforce the importance of understanding all the natural processes and their major role in the world ecosystem.
Designed by: CreativeByDefinition, Romania.
1inside the hiveCbyD
2inside the hiveCbyD
3inside the hiveCbyD
4inside the hiveCbyD
5inside the hiveCbyD
6inside the hiveCbyD
7inside the hiveCbyD
8inside the hiveCbyD
9inside the hiveCbyD
10inside the hiveCbyD


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Featured on Package Inspiration
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