Design by: David Hovhannisyn, Alevtina Kolegova, Leonid Perminov
3D modeler: Evgeny Sheludyakov
Copywriter: Natalie Altshuler
Illustrator: Sergey Kotov

Russia is a country with rich traditions, culture and history. Winter, a “balalaika”, a bear, a cap with earflaps, a samovar – that’s not a complete picture of what is behind every Russian citizen. Our mentality has always been nourished richly by literature, painting and art. Tea drinking is one of the oldest Russian traditions, which has passed through centuries and remains with Russians nowadays. To drink a cup of tea for breakfast, lunch, dinner, between meals or at work is common thing, but if earlier tea was just an alternative to other drinks, now it is chosen because it makes our body more healthy.

Having taken the famous paintings of Russian painters as the basis for the illustration, we have re-drawn them with pencils to refer to the careful manual collection of herbs for the future drink. Having completed the design with a copywriting based on well-known expressions, we haven’t just added new colors to the classics, but we have also built a communication with  consumers.

​​​​​​​Classics with a tea taste – All phrases rhyme in Russian
“The bathing of a red horse. The horse wasn’t laying idly around – Ivan has swum well enough”
“A girl with peaches. A beautiful evening: The supply of peaches is eternal. Ivan – the Tea is impeccable”
“Alyonushka. I feel bored, siting idly without Ivan”
“Big heroes. Turn right – get some tea!”

I V A N T E A ®

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