Designed by: Samantha Goh,  Jacqueline Vu, Canada.

The target audience for our product is for millennials or any plant lover. Plants do not discriminate and anybody that is willing to have plants within their home is our target. It also has a secondary target of gift givers who needs a housewarming gift or a birthday gift for a plant lover. We explored plant packaging and the problems throughout the lifecycle of the product. We specialize in the culture of ornamental plants that has eco-friendly packaging, shows the brand character, and is functional. We explored plant packaging and the problems throughout the product lifecycle. Most plants come in ugly plastic pots that are not reusable. Looking at the habits of gardeners, we found that we would transfer the plant to a nicer home, and the past container would be disposed of. This was counterproductive in a culture that promotes natural growth and minimal waste. We then came up with our insight: nothing left behind. We found a material called “seed paper,” which can be ripped up and planted into soil. We would also use vegetable inks, one colour printing, and no adhesives, therefore being completely biodegradable, even if disposed of. Another feature is that the pots would be directly planted into the soil, so there would be no waste either. One of the hardest challenges was not using adhesives and having it secure yet accessible.











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Featured on Package Inspiration
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