The Brief
The brief was to create a brand identity for a series of olive oils and other olive based products with the potential to expand to other goods in the future, beyond the food industry. The target audience is Greek and foreign “health concsious” costumers, people who value quality in their everyday life.
The Concept
The real story of the man behind the brand, the founder of the company,
inspired this project’s conceptual story:
A man left his homeland to achieve his goals in the city and years after, he returned a wiser man to carry on his family business and to pass on to the world (his target market) his family ethics such us the values of loving, nurturing and sharing.
The conceptual story became also the Brand Philosophy and lead to the brand name, “Home”, as well as to the product names “Home Spirit”, “Home Scent” and “Home Made” and the tagline “Worth Sharing”. Embracing the Greek hospitality, the message behind the brand and tagline is that HOME products are of a nurturing, pure kind and that they are worthy to be shared with the ones you love.
The Logo & Packaging
Taking into consideration the brand name “HOME”, the company’s name “HOME by nature” as well as the brand philosophy, a hand crafted logo was created that symbolizes the path leading to home. The logo’s outline projects an olive oil drop which is the symbol of nurturing and purity since the product is an extra virgin olive oil which contains some of the basic ingredients of any health boosting diet.
The packaging following the concept, keeps the aesthetics of clean lines projecting the purity of the product. The Home Supreme bottle is cubical reflecting the outline of a traditional greek house. Therefore, opening the bottle, one shares his home with the ones close to his heart.
The color palette is inspired by the actual olive leaves, the olive fields and in general the greek landscape, bringing out the notion of a country-side homeland.
The fonts were “treated” in a way to enhance the feeling of handmade good since the “Home by Nature” entire business is a family business with a long tradition in olive oil production.
Art Director: Sophia Georgopoulou
Designer: Sophia Georgopoulou
Conceptual story, brand name, tagline & copy: Evita Skourleti (All That)
Photographer: Marios Theologis / Math Studio
HOME by Nature
HOME by Nature8
HOME by Nature9
HOME by Nature10
HOME by Nature11
HOME by Nature12
HOME by Nature13
HOME by Nature14
HOME by Nature15
HOME by Nature16
HOME by Nature17
HOME by Nature18
HOME by Nature19
HOME by Nature20
HOME by Nature21
HOME by Nature22
HOME by Nature23
HOME by Nature24
HOME by Nature25
HOME by Nature26 HOME by Nature27 HOME by Nature28 HOME by Nature29 HOME by Nature30 HOME by Nature31 HOME by Nature32 HOME by Nature33 HOME by Nature34 HOME by Nature35 HOME by Nature36 HOME_LOGO_Manual
HOME by Nature38
HOME by Nature39
HOME by Nature40
HOME by Nature41

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