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The challenge was the creation of a new series that would reintroduce signature cocktails to young people, in the form of ready to drink products. We decided to create a new brand that would encompass this by using a greeting word like «Hola» and designing each bottle as a visual preview of what’s inside them. This way consumers could easily link their experience with each package. We chose the ferocious freedom and natural exoticness of a tiger to express the refreshing metamorphosis of one’s spirit the Hola! Espirito RTD cocktail series can offer.

Searching the depiction of wild excitement and the freedom it ensues led us deep into the jungle, where symbolisms have a simple yet powerful presence. Soon enough our design started following the colorful wisdom of nature, where the exotic ferociousness of an animal is beamed across other species with a specific set of color tones to signal its preset characteristics.

Hola! Espirito was designed to reflect its content. Blue Lagoon cocktail is yellow and blue, Mojito is yellow and green. As the ingredients of each cocktail have a universally accepted color palette, the design for each Hola! Espirito cocktail has a specific color code in a way that it gives a quick but clear impression of what its ingredients are.

Each bottle was designed with a thought process that allows for its reusability even after consumption. Being out of glass, bottles can be used as water or juice containers, while Holla! Espirito’s design encourages a family approach of using a different label to personalize each member’s bottle.


Hola! Espirito

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