Hogan’s Cider is a proudly independent, award winning cider maker based in Warwickshire — they’ve been making and selling cider since 2005. In more recent years, a lot has changed in the industry and they felt it was time to re-evaluate their brand identity and packaging. My brief was then to create a new look and feel that would truly represent their down-to-earth qualities and their curious approach to cider making.


Although Hogan’s are serious about cider making, they don’t take themselves too seriously and we wanted to inject some of that personality across the ever growing portfolio of products. We created a design system that would be transferable on bottles, pump clips and keg badges. Bespoke hand lettering allowed us to communicate product descriptions in a playful way, inviting customers to be inquisitive and try their proper ciders.

The Signature range is Hogan’s original cider and perry blends that stay true to age old English traditions. We used earthy tones and textures across the collection with distressed brush strokes and markings. All of their ciders are 100% fresh pressed and we wanted to reinforce these natural qualities with a handmade visual approach.

To coincide with the rebrand, Hogan’s launched their Innovation Blends, a limited edition series of ciders with curious new flavours. We created a brighter palette for these products to represent the weird and wonderful ingredients and processes.

Designed by: Claire Hartley, United Kingdom.

Photography by: Fork & Dram


Hogan's Cider

Hogan's Cider2

Hogan's Cider3

Hogan's Cider4

Hogan's Cider5

Hogan's Cider6

Hogan's Cider7

Hogan's Cider8

Hogan's Cider9

Hogan's Cider10

Hogan's Cider11

Hogan's Cider13

Hogan's Cider14

Hogan's Cider17

Hogan's Cider18

Hogan's Cider19

Hogan's Cider20



Hogan’s Cider

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