Isabela Rodrigues from Sweety Branding Studio in Brazil has created a bold look for Hnina, a healthy chocolate alternative.

“There is nothing in the world that we love more than chocolate. And if it’s organic, love even more. A healthy chocolate made with great care. And so we did this for HNINA packaging with all the love that chocolate is made.”

Desinged by Isabela Rodrigues – Sweety Branding Studio, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Hnina 2
Hnina 3
Hnina 4
Hnina 5
Hnina 6
Hnina 7
Hnina 8
Hnina 9
Hnina 10
Hnina 11
Hnina 12
Hnina 13
Hnina 14
Hnina 15

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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