This package is for Ms. Beaumont’s new line of body lotion using real hippo milk, which is naturally pink. This was a collaboration project between package design class and business model class. Our target market for our product is hipster guys and girls between the ages of 18-26. Since our target market are charitable, action takers we chose for our product to be cruelty free, small batch and hypoallergenic.

This design shows the unique color of the product well with its use of a glass bottle. The ink color and craft paper were added to make it feel earthy. The cork and minimal plastic make it eco-friendly. I wanted the packaging to match the product by being fresh, clean, and sustainable.
Designed by: Allison Jordan, USA.
Hipster Hippo
Hipster Hippo2
Hipster Hippo3
Hipster Hippo4
Hipster Hippo5
Hipster Hippo6

Hipster Hippo Milk Body Lotion

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