Designed by: Elinor OBrien, United Kingdom.

A concept design aimed at the luxury soft drink market. The experience of buying a well thought out, well designed bottle of wine does not extend to the designated drivers. Instead, consumers have the decision between a plastic 2 litre bottle of Sprite or a small, personal sized Victorian Lemonade. To keep the product new, I took inspiration from the Lichtenstein era. I also looked to alcohol packaging that could still feel like a gift to bring to a dinner table. The white stands out clearly in the store shelves against it’s competitors.
Hill Farm
Hill Farm Lemonade2
Hill Farm Lemonade3
Hill Farm Lemonade4
Hill Farm Lemonade5
Hill Farm Lemonade6
Hill Farm Lemonade7
Hill Farm Lemonade8
Hill Farm Lemonade9
Hill Farm Lemonade10
Hill Farm Lemonade11

Hill Farm Lemonade

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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