There are some products that have revolutionized the perception of men’s products, Harry’s “The Truman” & The Winston” sets are definitely one of them.
“Like most of you, we’ve long had to choose between over-priced, over-marketed razors that disrespect your intelligence, and low quality, cheap razors that disrespect your face. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created Harry’s as a return to the essential: a great shave at a fair price.”

“We design and manufacture our own products using an exacting construction process and only the finest materials. By selling directly to you online, we’re able to shave away the excess and offer a great shave at a price accessible to every Tom, Dick and…(sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).
We spent over a year meticulously crafting our first Harry’s line. Our blades are made by German engineers with decades of experience honing high-grade steel. Our handles were designed to blend timeless simplicity and modern ergonomics. Our shaving cream comes from the same chemists who make creams for high-end brands. The result: a set of modern shaving products made with respect for the tradition of a good, clean shave.
We’ve been close friends since we were college interns. We’ve worked together, traveled to far off places together and shared thousands of ideas. Jeff went on to co-found Warby Parker, while Andy moved out West to “study.” We’ve tried to build Harry’s to reflect our shared passions and values: affinity for simple design, appreciation of well-made things, and a belief that companies should try to make the world a better place.”
via Harry’s
Harry's Truman & Winston Sets Harry's Truman & Winston Sets2 Harry's Truman & Winston Sets3 Harry's Truman & Winston Sets4 Harry's Truman & Winston Sets5 Harry's Truman & Winston Sets6 Harry's Truman & Winston Sets7 Harry's Truman & Winston Sets8
Harry's Truman & Winston Sets9
Harry's Truman & Winston Sets

Harry's Truman & Winston Sets

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