About the project

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto
BA Communication Design
Design I (year 2; semester 1)
Professor: Antero Ferreira
Student: Ana Marta Dias
Software: Illustrator
Keywords: branding, juice, smoothie, happy drop, calligraphy

As our second project for the unit of Design I, we were asked to create a caligraphic font, based off of an existing one. That font should later be used in a practical application of our choice, such as a poster, product branding, packaging… My starting point was the font Mf Kind and Witty, created by Misti’s Fonts (http://mistifonts.com/). I mantained the shape of the characters but decided to simplify them slightly, by eliminating some of the decorative elements and evening out the thickness of the stroke. By doing so I adapted the font a little more to my own personal taste, keeping it a little lighter and more versatile.

Final Result (Font)

Designed by: Ana Marta, Portugal.


Happy Drop

Happy Drop2

Happy Drop3

Happy Drop4

Happy Drop5

Happy Drop6

Happy Drop7

Happy Drop8

Happy Drop9

Happy Drop10

Happy Drop11

Happy Drop12

Happy Drop13

Happy Drop14

Happy Drop15

Happy Drop16

Happy Drop17

Happy Drop18

Happy Drop19

Happy Drop20

Happy Drop21


Happy Drop

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