The next step for consumers in the probiotic drink market is Guru. It’s a brand that seperates itself massively from it’s close competitors – a fresh, new innovative outlook on the niche market of probiotic products.

Brief / Client: Brand Opus
I was asked to create a new probiotic drinks brand. The product is a dairy, sugar and cholesterol free probiotic drink, that includes the health benefits of coconut water and coconut flesh. It is not pasteruised and includes a key ingredient: Kefir cultures. The propositionfor the probiotic drink must reference or build around the idea ‘Managing your lifestyle naturally’. The overall aim is to produce a brand that creates a unique space for itself amongst it’s competitots (Yakult, Actimel). Finally, a new legislation states that I couldn’t use the word probiotic anywhere in the design.

I designed and created a probiotic drink brand called ‘Guru’. The brand incorporates the visuals and philosophy of a Guru; a teacher, master and guide of the Indian regions. Globally, people recognise Buddism and the religious doctrine of a Guru to
be an influential figure in guiding and teaching wisdom. The design and execution of the brand adopts a mix of literal and abstract connotations associated with a Guru, presented in a minimal and playful tone. The ideology behind the probiotic
drink is that the product will guide and manage a persons lifestyle naturally, relieving them of gut pain and rejuvinating the
natural balance of bacteria level in your stomach.

For the presentation of Guru, I covered a number of formats to bring the brand to life – Bottle design, packaging and promotion. The bottle design is the centre piece of the brand, that will attract the attention of the consumer. The bottle graphics represent a mix of ideas; the shape and layering of a Guru’s turban are formed from 6 gradient panels, each flavour displaying an alternative set of colours. The wavey, lose movement of the colours personify the layers of healthy and nutritional minerals that are mixed into the drink. The cannister is made from a light, matte plastic that soaks up the radient spot colour purple perfectly, projecting an external vibrant glow. The product is light in weight and small in size, enabling it to be packaged into figures of 8. The figure of 6 reoccurs throughout, being applied in the advertisement message that fly’s the flag for Guru. The promotion of the brand is bold, bright and direct. Spreading across digital and printed advertisement, the campaign for Guru displays a playful side to the brand, emphasised through characterised fruits, clean typography and energetically smooth animation.

Designed by: Daniel Barkle, United Kingdom.

















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