“I believe it’s interesting to combine traditional art techniques with new possibilities brought to designers by development of 3D print. My goal was to create interesting, minimalist packaging artwork made with a coffee stain. Obviously it’s pretty easy to make a random coffee stain, and that concept has been already used in coffee packaging designs, therefore my stain isn’t random. It has been designed, as a stamp, to match the brand logo.
I printed the stamp with FDM 3D printer in temperature 200°C using PLA filament 1.75 mm. Then the stamp was soaked in strong coffee beverage and it was used to made plenty of stains. I was looking for the ideal stain: not too perfect but still legible. When I found it, it was used as the main part of the artwork.”
Designed by: Urszula Krasny, Poland.

Good Beans

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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