Designed by: OlssønBarbieri ., Norway.

Concept and Design: Erika Barbieri, Henrik Olssøn
Client: Arcus Norway
Illustration: Tomas Lindell
Custom typography: Stefan Ellmer
Photo: Sigve Aspelund (Tinagent)
Flower arrangement: Live Huse Mykleby (Melgaarden)


Gilde Juleaquavit is a Norwegian seasonal Christmas Aquavit that was first produced in 1988. The brand has a tradition for renewing its design every year. 2017 was the 30th anniversary of the brand as well as the year of retirement of the master distiller Halvor Heuch who is considered the father of the Juleaquavit concept in Norway. We were asked to celebrate the jubileum of the brand as well as the 8th vintage of Gilde Extra Matured. Since the product is available on the shelves throughout the year it was important to find a solution that would feel relevant also independently of the season.

We wanted to find a way to celebrate this anniversary and to add a layer of emotion and gratitude acknowledging the past, present and future of the brand. No tradition helps communicate human emotions in a better way than giving flowers. The design for the jubileum is inspired by this tradition as a token to the life long commitment of the head distiller as well as being a symbol of festivity. The bouquet is composed by spices used in the distillation as well as flowers and evergreens common during Christmas.
The decor is silk screened directly on the glass and is reminiscent of carafes and apothecary bottles traditionally used for conserving liquor and medicinal herbs. For the first time in the history of Gilde we are also telling the consumer about the unique Solera method (fractional blending) used since the start in 1988. Hidden in the rich decor are details as the initials of the head distiller “H.H.” and the principle of the Solera Method “In Perpetuum” (latin for never-ending).



Gilde Juleaquavit1


Gilde Juleaquavit3

Gilde Juleaquavit4

Gilde Juleaquavit5

Gilde Juleaquavit6

Gilde Juleaquavit7


Gilde Juleaquavit9

Gilde Juleaquavit10




Gilde Juleaquavit 2017

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