Our friends at Mama Shelter have already revolutionised the concept of the luxury hotel with their unique mix of style, eclecticism and affordability. Now they’ve worked their magic on the bath-time experience with Mama Skin, the first in a range of fabulous in-room bathroom products named and designed by GBH.
The organic product, co-created by Absolution, the premium natural beauty brand, is an all-in-one body wash, shampoo and conditioner, made of the finest natural ingredients. Not only does it feel amazing on your skin, but being an all-in-one lotion means you don’t need the usual clutter of unlovable bottles in your hotel bathroom.
As creators of the Mama brand identity, we knew that the design should be super-stylish while reflecting the premium quality of the product. The start point was to work with Absolution and Mama to select the perfect 100ml bottle – an all-white cylinder with a velvety touch. Simple and elegant. From there we concocted a series of Mama sayings that that cheekily communicate the organic quality and multi-use of the contents, with phrases like ‘Mama loves you from top to bottom’ (multiple messages also mean that regular guests are treated to a different message every time they check-in and that the bottles become highly collectible!). Meanwhile the graphics take the form of boldly striking labels, printed in gloss black to lift off the matte white background, while all other details are ‘hidden’ on the reverse, making the bottle as simple and desirable as possible.
In addition to the complimentary 100 ml bottles, 200 ml versions are now available to buy at the Mama store and even come in a tasty little bespoke bag. But the best thing is that the product range is set to expand, with new scents and ingredients launching over the next year.
Designed by GBH Design Limited, United Kingdom.
Mama Skin
Mama Skin 3
Mama Skin 4
Mama Skin 5
Mama Skin

GBH: Mama Skin

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