Design by: Backbone Branding
Art director: Stepan Azaryan
Technical designer: Karen Gevorgyan
Illustrator: Narine Manvelyan

After the successful launch of the brand Gawatt, our client decided not to rest on his laurels and promote his brand by using promotional packaging. For this project, we chose disposable cups as a means of promoting the brand.
We created four various personalities in the style of the coffee shop without shifting far from the insight of the brand to give customers a great bunch of positive emotions with just a cup with a smile.
The mind-blowing part is that the “facial expression” of the cup can be altered with just a touch of the sleeve! There are three distinct facial emotions printed around the cup’s outside surface with eyes and a mouth expressing different moods. With rotating cover you see only one of the three faces depending on its position.
These cups deliver the core concept of the brand: we sell not only coffee but positively charged emotions, enough for the whole day!


Gawatt Emotions

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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