This assignement was to create packaging for a consumable liquid, i choose chilli sauce and wanted to make the packaging like the product e.g using colourful and fun for the packaging as chilli sauce can be a fun and colourful thing itself. For each chilli sauce instead of going mild, medium, hot i wanted them to be really chilli sauce so my version is extra hot, inferno hot and ignite hot to make it more intense. The packaging itself i wanted to create a net that when you open it, its like a surprise just like when you taste it you don’t know what to expect.

Designed by: Tegan Furneaux, New Zealand.


Furnace Chilli Sauce

Furnace Chilli Sauce2

Furnace Chilli Sauce3

Furnace Chilli Sauce4

Furnace Chilli Sauce5

Furnace Chilli Sauce6







Furnace Chilli Sauce

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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