Recently, Fruits & Passion introduced a new range of packaging created by lg2boutique entitled CHERRY, BAMBOO and COCONUT. The three words that best sum up these new products are natural, fresh and feminine.
Even though the colourful, happy image of Fruits and Passion is still inherent in the design, the new packaging strives to convey a more minimalist approach with a generous use of white space. The art direction of the photography highlights the real essence of the three fragrances by capturing the freshness and taste appeal of this universe. β€œIt certainly gets a lot of attention in-store,” adds Claude Auchu, Partner, Vice-President Creative Director, Design.
Designed by lg2boutique, Canada.
Fruits & Passion
Fruits & Passion2
Fruits & Passion3
Fruits & Passion4
Fruits & Passion5
Fruits & Passion6
Fruits & Passion7
Fruits & Passion8
Fruits & Passion9
Fruits & Passion10
Fruits & Passion11

Fruits & Passion

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