Designed by: – Design Studio .Alex Kodimsky, Moldova.

Monicol Company has been producing and selling successfully dried fruits under the trademark Fruit2Go for years. And due to entering new marketplaces as well as switching to zip-pack format for their packaging, the company has decided to perform a complex packaging redesign. The packaging had to emphasize the natural character of the product and its beneficial properties, while also making it obvious and attractive. This was the task that our agency has focused its efforts on.
The renewed designed of Fruit2Go dried fruit packaging developed by 43oz puts an accent on the ecologic quality of the fruits and their health benefits. One should note the use of photos, which were made at the studio using fresh fruits gathered from the producer’s orchards, each corresponding to the contents of the packaging, which emphasizes preservation of all their beneficial properties. Informational blocks feature a modern, ecological style, while the additional iconographics describe various health aspects, upon which every product has quite a beneficial effect.

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