Formula 409 has a reputation as a powerful household cleaner, but when you walk through the store shelves it’s hard to compete against other brands with a similar look and feel. Instead I wanted to give 409 as much power on the shelf as it does on your kitchen countertops. To help it stand out, I gave it a masculine look, so that it could be the weapon of choice; the weapon you would want in your hands to battle grease and dirt. Guys (and girls) don’t want spend a lot of time hunting for the perfect cleaner, so this makes it easier to see 409 on the shelf, grab, and use.
Designed by Meredith Lusher Fleece, United States.
Formula 409
Formula 409 2
Formula 409 3
Formula 409 MAINmain

Formula 409 Re-design

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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