Designed by: Jonas Devacht, USA.

Last year in June I went to a local craft beer festival in Belgium. There I got to know the owner of a small Belgian brewery. He told me very passionate about his love for craft beer as well as brewing it. Out of curiosity I asked him if he was working on something new and he was indeed. The passion of the owner sparked my creativity and I got to design the label for his new beer: Floriaan.

This beer is a 100% Belgian craft beer brewed in the country side of Ghent and consists out of natural ingredients and a very special flower extract. The flavor of Floriaan can best be described as smooth with a fresh aftertaste. Very pleasant I’d say as a craft beer lover.

Floriaan will be in stores in Belgium later on this year.


Floriaan - Craft Beers12

Floriaan - Craft Beers11

Floriaan - Craft Beers10

Floriaan - Craft Beers9

Floriaan - Craft Beers8

Floriaan - Craft Beers7

Floriaan - Craft Beers6

Floriaan - Craft Beers5

Floriaan - Craft Beers4

Floriaan - Craft Beers3

Floriaan - Craft Beers2





Floriaan – Craft Beers

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