This brief asks us to select a product of choice and present an alternate form of packaging, which evidently utilises fresh and clever design across both the structure and the surface graphics to successfully present a product that evidently differentiates itself above its competitors. 
The final product needs to endeavour to be one, which minimises consumer waste, satisfies the products needs whilst remaining highly aesthetically pleasing. The packaging solution for our product could be sourced or self designed.
Choosing to work within the coffee market I wanted to further employ this conscious mindset to present a concept which looked to minimise consumer waste through the intention of re-use, I believe in the end I fulfilled this to an exceptional standard and produced a concept which unmistakably differentiates itself from its competitors. 
Thorough first hand research allowed me to discover the Hasami Porcelian products which perfectly executed the concepts I had visualised. as they successfully combine traditional Japanese aesthetics with 20th centuary design to create products which amalgamate aesthetics with practicality and functionality.
Based on a fixed module, mugs, bowls, trays, etc are share diameters to allow them to be freely stacked, stored and transported. The multi functional assest of the Hasami products is another reason for its selection, as it allows consumers to use products to their desire. For example the initial lid which comes packaged with the product has the ability to be used as a tray and a coaster. 
Through utilizing this functionality and beauty of the Hasami products I want to present consumers with the opportunity to purchase ethically traded coffee whilst building aesthetically pleasing kitchen sets tailored to their desire. 
My vision is that consumers will continue to buy ‘Filter’ due to its ode to sustainability and ethics. With differing kitchen pieces (mugs, bowls, etc) representing differing quantities consumers have the ability to continue to buy till they have attained a set tailored to their quantities. 
For example if one was looking to invest in a collection of 6 (mugs & bowl) the consumer has the opportunity to continually purchase her ‘Filter’ products in these beautiful Hassami vessels till she has acquired the desired set.
Yet one might wonder what happens to consumers once they have acquired their set, do they wastefully continue to purchase these porcelain goods? Go they look to purchase from competitors? NO! Filter has it covered.
Filter have strategically marketed their goods as sustainable and eco friendly as not only do they support ethical trading and secondary use yet they allow consumer to bring in existing ‘Filter’ vessels for refills at a substantially discounted price.
Designed by: Jessee Schulz Dahlenburg, Australia.
Filter Coffee
Filter Coffee2
Filter Coffee3

Filter Coffee

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