Vacouver based design studio, Glasfurd & Walker created brand and package design for Fernwood Coffee Company that reflects the same philosophy that is used when sourcing the right product for their stores.
Brand elements created are as simple and bold as a standard shot of espresso (both of which, are more complex than they look). Like the crafted menu where the espresso beverages are designed to be simple and elegant with the coffee being the star – the package and labels design for each coffee bag highlights the most important information about the coffee, its origin, cup profile, roasting process, and date created.
“We strive for the highest standards in all that we do. Our green bean sourcing takes us to coffee producing countries and we sample hundreds of coffees in order to bring you the best. When we have selected our favorite coffees we meticulously fine tune the roast profiles to highlight the very best these incredible coffees have to offer.
The same philosophy is used when we design our cafe menu. Espresso beverages are designed to be simple and elegant with the coffee being the star. Filter coffees are hand crafted to order using a variety of brew methods. For our menu we work with whatever the local farms, butchers, fish mongers and bakers are producing at the time. Everything is always fresh and in season.
The final element that completes the equation is customer service. All the effort we put into our coffee and cafe would be nothing if we couldn’t offer it all with efficient, friendly and courteous service. We employ a dedicated group of people who are passionate about what they do. The great customer feedback, awards, and industry certifications we have collected since opening are a testament to that passion.”
Designed by Glasfurd & Walker, Vancouver for Fernwood Coffee, Victoria – Canada
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Fernwood Coffee

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